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Jon Kammerer Customs
Building premium guitars since 1995
Email: info@jonkammerercustoms.com
Home of the most comfortable, innovative guitars in the world.
Get a "Custom Shop" experience for what most companies charge for their "American Standard"
Acoustic Guitars
Classical or Dreadnought
My acoustic guitars are some of the most comfortable guitars you will ever play. Available in either Canis Major (Dreadnought) or Canis Minor (Classical size.
Electric Guitars
Solid or Chambered body
Made from your choice of a variety of domestic or exotic hardwoods in either a solid or chambered body, available with multiple scale lengths
Electric and Acoustic
Solid or chambered body electric or acoustic or hollow body available with quick change fretted or fretless necks. Available in 34, 32, and 30 inch scale length.
Pegasus Acoustics
Guitars and Basses
The ultimate innovation in stage acoustics and amplification without feedback.
Jon Kammerer
Lets get to the point
I started building guitars in design school over 25 years ago. I was working on making a more comfortable better sounding guitar that what was available. After I graduated, I continued trying to come up with a better guitar. Around 2000, I decided to give it a go and do it full time. There has been ups and downs over the last 22 years, but I have constantly tried to keep bringing out innovative guitars. Please feel free to browse my website and see if there is the guitar for you.
Phone: 319-795-2631
Jon Kammerer Customs
222 Timea St.
Keokuk, IA 52632
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Swap you pickups in a matter of seconds. I am working with several pickup manufacturers now and am planning on adding more pickups and guitar bodies to the collection.
Visit the Home of the Tone Pod
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I am happy to announce that Miami Vintage guitars is carrying my acoustic line. Click here for a link to their site.
Watch how easy it is to switch a Tone Pod
Free case and shipping (in continental USA) on all guitars.
Winter Sale, 25% off of all in stock instruments.